We no longer carry out consultancy directly. This department has be sold to J Johnson who can be contacted on 07796 931495

Tree Consultancy
Over the years we have progressed from carrying out simple  surveys to being one of the first companies to use ultra-sound technology for decay detection and now to utilise GPS Mapping Technology, GIS and Electronic Data Management.

Many ‘stand alone’ consultants would argue that having a contracting side to the company may bias any opinion given for the care of trees. We believe that it gives us a unique advantage and broader understanding of trees, having had so much practical experience in how trees manage decay / react to pathogens etc. Our priority is always in the best interest of the tree and our clients.   

  • Tree Risk Surveys

  • Detailed individual tree inspection

  • Full site surveys

  • Site mapping according to risk

  • Tree risk inspection inventories

  • Intermediate tree inspections

  • Internal decay detection and trunk decay mapping

  • Excavation and assessment of tree roots using an Air Spade and Ultrasound tests on exposed roots


All Data can be exported in a range of standard digital formats for integration in database management systems, GIS or kept on our own database and managed for you
Easy to read schedules of survey data in paper and electronic format
Prioritised works schedules for clients to use for tender purposes

Site Surveys

We can provide accurate plotting of landscape features directly in the field without the need for base maps. However, we are increasingly finding that our service of providing data plotted onto ordinance survey base maps is very popular. We can provide a ‘one stop shop’ for this service sourcing everything you need to end up with a quality printed plan.

Vegetation Mapping
Recording the extent and integration of vegetation types on a plan for easy interpretation.

Tree Preservation Order & Planning Advice
Preparation of TPO applications and appeals
BS:5837 Surveys, Impact Assessments, Method Statements, Tree Protection Plans etc
Computer generated plans showing root protection zones

Non Invasive & Semi-Invasive Detection

Ultra sound testing
Resistorgraph testing
Picus Tomograph
We have utilised non invasive techniques for around 20 years and currently specialise in  decay detection using our digital Resistorgraph. This gives a very clear and precise data on the level of decay within a tree up to 400 mm deep. The information is then stored on computer for future reference.